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The Pilatus PC-12/45

More than seven million flight hours have earned the Pilatus PC-12 an untarnished reputation as the best short to mid-range turboprop charter option in business aviation. This well-proven single-engine turboprop aircraft is known for versatility, safety, and reliability with low operating costs and high standards of performance.

A direct competitor of Beechcraft’s “King Air” lineup, the PC-12 has sold itself on superior performance ever since its original launch in 1991. The PC-12/45 is an incremental upgrade over the original PC-12/41 model, and it enjoyed 10 years of production from 1995-2005. The increased gross weight of this model (by almost 900 pounds) offered a spectacular boost in range and a larger payload.

No other plane can take a chartered flier (or eight of them) as far or fast at such an economical price point.


A Long Legacy of Reliability and Safety

The unique single-engine layout makes the PC-12/45 one of the most instantly recognizable turboprop aircraft on the charter circuit. Rest assured, the Pratt and Whitney PT6A-67B nose-mounted engine is renowned worldwide as one of the most reliable engines in the industry for turboprop charters. 

The improved and modified landing gear of the PC-12/45 have made it the legacy standard, and the vast majority of earlier models (PC-12/41s) have been upgraded to match the dependable PC-12/45 design.

This classic aircraft not only leads the industry in sales but has a track record for safety that’s a match for much pricier twin-engine business jets. More than 1,700 PC-12s are out in the field, continuing to prove this impeccable safety record every day.

Versatile Swiss Craftsmanship

Flight International Magazine called the Pilatus PC-12 the “Swiss army knife of the sky” in June 2016, and it’s an apt comparison. The only Swiss manufacturer of aircraft, Pilatus has lent its legendary Swiss engineering and meticulous craftsmanship to every platform since 1939. The PC-12/45 stands among the largest and most versatile pressurized single-engine turboprops in the world.

The PC-12 is relied upon for travel and more specialized missions across a wide range of assignments, including:

  • Search and rescue
  • Surveillance
  • Medical evac
  • Cargo transport
  • Business transit
  • Private recreation

The Pilatus PC-12 speed of 268 KTS at cruising altitude, large cargo hatch, and durable design make the PC-12/45 suitable for any mission that requires urgent intervention or complete reliability. No other business aircraft includes both a cargo door and a separate passenger entryway. The diverse slate of government, military, and civic applications give charter travelers immense confidence in their choice to book a PC-12/45 for their flight.

Exquisite Cabin Detail

The large cabin of the PC-12/45 is in a class of its own, with more space than light jets that come at double the price. There’s generous storage space for golf clubs, skis, or other equipment and luggage for an exciting vacation.

The nearly 17-foot-long cabin comfortably seats six to eight in executive seats of hand-sewn leather. The exclusive Swiss craftsmanship shines in the fine upholstery and hardwood cabinetry throughout the interior.

Efficient Performance

The maximum Pilatus PC-12 range of 1,742 miles is rare for an aircraft this size and affords travelers great flexibility with destinations. The entire modus operandi of the Pilatus PC-12/45 is to travel fast and far with lower fuel burn (and carbon emissions) than anyone thought possible. The Pilatus PC-12 fuel burn rate of 63 gph is incredible—and an advantage of a single-engine turboprop setup.

Engine and runway performance are also standouts; it takes a PC-12/45 only 26.5 minutes to climb to 30,000 feet, and it can utilize runways as short as 2,485 feet at maximum weight. Charter travelers will enjoy incredible savings in total travel time with the ability to lift off and land at virtually any airport—even on dirt, gravel, or grass airstrips—and arrive closer to their final destinations.

Pilatus PC-12 Cost & Utilization Trends*

In Operation 553   Number of Flights 94,917
For Sale 31   Average Distance 238 (nm)
Leased 34   Total Distance 22,625,341 (nm)
Asking Price $1.6M - $2.3M   Average Flight Time 1.51(hrs)
Manufacturer Year 1995 to 2005   Total Flight Time 108,957.1 (hrs)
Block Speed Statute Miles/Hour 288   Cost/Hour $2,032
Total Cost Per Statute Mile $5.42   Cost/Statute Mile $7.06


*Data as of December 2020. Based on flight activity of 87% of in-operation aircraft.



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