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Hawker 800 & 800XP

Aviator Hawker Siddeley partnered with Beechcraft starting in the late 1960’s to sell Hawkers, as they’re affectionately called, in the United States. The durable and trustworthy Hawker 800 series jets enjoyed a long run of production stretching all the way from 1983 to 2013. 

Still popular today, the original Hawker 800 jet boasts comfortable range and actually burns less fuel than its acclaimed successor, the Hawker 800XP, due to smaller engines that make it incredibly cost-efficient to fly. The popular 800XP upgrade launched in 1995, and was actually the third iteration of the 800 series. More powerful engines—and an interior refresh in 1999—boosted the XP’s cruise speed, runway performance, and comfort, building its sterling reputation among mid-size corporate jets.

Pedigree of Aviation Excellence

The Hawker 800 (also known as the Hawker 800A) was both the first and one of the most popular models of the long-running Hawker 800 series from Hawker Beechcraft—a trusted brand that originated when the Beech Aircraft Corporation merged with Raytheon Corporate Jets in 1994. A mid-size twinjet, the Hawker 800 was an enhancement of the earlier British Aerospace (BAe) 125 airframe, which Hawker Siddeley purchased, then optimized.

Decades of Enhancement

“Hawkers” were manufactured by the Wichita, Kansas-based Hawker Beechcraft Corporation for 30 years and saw multiple iterations and enhancements, including the launch of the widely acclaimed third-generation Hawker 800XP in 1995, which was produced through 2006. The popularity and strong track record of the Hawker Beechcraft name has endured even as the original brand closed up shop in 2013. Over 1,000 of their aircraft are still flying.

Rugged Airframe

Hawkers are known for their rugged, “tank-like” build, which was certified to handle grass and gravel runways well before the competing Pilatus PC-24. The 800 series in particular is reputed for exceptional crosswind performance and easy single-engine handling, in large part due to its innovative rudder-bias system. The Hawker 800XP took the already-robust frame of the 800A and increased weight limits, improved runway performance, accelerated climb speed, and offered a faster cruise speed—even on transcontinental or international flights. Whichever generation of the Hawker 800 that you’re flying, this tried-and-true mid-sized airframe lifts off from short runways and delivers on all of your flight demands. 

Travel in Comfort & Style

One step into the Hawker 800 interior will immerse you in a corporate jet with no compromises. Generous cabin width (6 feet) and standing room (5 feet 9 inches) made the Hawker’s contemporaries, like “the Lear 35 of the day seem like a toy,” as AOPA Pilot magazine aptly put it. The seating arrangement is flexible, but most will feature club grouping and a side-facing divan that fits up to 8 passengers comfortably. The spacious cabin and other amenities—a galley with microwave, fully enclosed lavatory and sink, media and entertainment options, Wi-Fi—ensure that travelers will be able to stretch out and unwind in a luxury flight experience.

The Hawker 800XP interior boosts the headroom another 2 inches and adds a convenient interior baggage compartment for easy access. Don’t be afraid to pack for excursions, either, as the Hawker 800XP can fit 3 to 5 golf bags and 6 to 8 suitcases with ease.

Hawker 800 & 800XP Cost & Utilization Trends*

In Operation 167   Number of Flights 11,000
For Sale 10   Average Distance 542 (nm)
Leased 3   Total Distance 5,964,708 (nm)
Asking Price $825K - $1.1M   Average Flight Time 1.6 (hrs)
Manufacturer Year 1983 to 1995   Total Flight Time 17,598.2 (hrs)
Block Speed Statute Miles/Hour 466   Cost/Hour $3,896
Total Cost Per Statute Mile $6.13   Cost/Statute Mile $8.36


*Data as of May 2021. Based on the flight activity of in-operation aircraft.



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