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The Gulfstream G550 Private Jet

Gulfstream’s groundbreaking G550 combines award-winning technology and versatile cabin space with a remarkably low fuel burn for a jet of its size. The much-anticipated PlaneView™ avionics suite in the cockpit wowed industry leaders when the aircraft first entered service in 2004, and it set a gold standard for integrated glass flight decks ever since.

An ingenious adaptation of Honeywell’s Primus Epic, the G550 has become a preferred private charter for jet setters who want to balance comfort, performance, and tactical flexibility. You will take your private jet charter to the next level with this iconic and uncompromising aircraft. 

Here are a few of the most exciting features offered by the more-than-600 Gulfstream G550 jets that have entered service to date.


Custom Cabin Comfort

The large, versatile Gulfstream G550 interior offers you a range of tactical cabin configurations for up to 19 passengers. You can choose between forward or aft galley layouts—with or without a crew compartment—in a cabin that Gulfstream has cleverly managed to enlarge over previous models. 

With the space-saving PlaneView™ avionics in the cockpit, cabin entry doors were able to shift two feet forward with extra signature oval windows added to either side of the plane. All told, the updates added nearly 60 cubic feet of additional usable space to the interior of the cabin. The passenger area can be subdivided into three or four living areas—all awash in natural light—and sleep as many as eight comfortably.

Gulfstream says that the G550 “executes your perfect work-life design with bespoke craftsmanship.” This heavy private jet can be whatever you need: an office in the clouds, a hotel room, a tour bus, or a business lounge. Flying first class feels quaint by comparison.

Industry-Leading Safety

Even today, the revolutionary PlaneView™ flight deck remains a leader in aviation safety. It’s possible to land the aircraft solely with the Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS). The impressive panoramic views from the streamlined cockpit provide outstanding visibility of not only the runways but also changing weather conditions.

The Gulfstream G550 jet has consistently demonstrated superior dispatch reliability, and the built-in redundancies from nose to tail on the flight deck provide an extra layer of safety for passengers. All important reasons this private jet leads the way in special missions involving  aeromedical evacuation, head-of-state transport, and maritime or military expeditions.

Technical Innovations

The advanced, award-winning technology on the Gulfstream G550 starts with the 14-inch displays that span the control center, boosting visibility and streamlining operability in one fell swoop. In fact, the G550 offers a larger viewing area than any of its private jet predecessors. When the aircraft first entered service, Flying Magazine remarked that “the aviation industry has been talking about glass cockpits for more than 20 years, but Gulfstream has finally done it.”

Passengers will enjoy cutting-edge technical conveniences, too. The aircraft features Jet ConneX, the “first worldwide Ka-band network available to business aviation from a single operator,” for a high-speed, uninterrupted Wi-Fi experience. 

Benjamin Zhang of Business Insider was enthralled by the convenient iPhone app that integrates with cabin controls and flight information. Explore all the details of his experience flying on a Gulfstream G550 private jet in his detailed photo journal for the magazine, tellingly entitled, “I flew on a $61.5 million private jet, and now first class just won't do.”

Record-Setting Gulfstream G550 Range

The high-thrust Rolls-Royce engines of the G550 cover incredible distance with low fuel burn. With a staggering range of 6,750 (!) nautical miles when cruising at a cool Mach .80, this is a private jet that can get you virtually anywhere you need to fly. Even maxed out at a cruise speed of Mach .87, it will still reach any destination within a 5,000 nautical mile range. If you need a private jet for a 12-hour flight across the globe, this is the aircraft for you.

The G550 was setting long-distance private jet records from the moment it hit the air, too. It was recorded flying 7,301 nautical miles from Seoul to Orlando right out of the gate in 2003, shattering the previous record of 6,132 miles (also set by Gulfstream, but with the GV).

What’s even more incredible is how little runway the G550 requires for its size. Lightly fueled for a jump from NY City to L.A., a Gulfstream G550 jet can land on runways of less than 3,500 feet. This significantly expands your airport options compared to similar large private jets, while also allowing you more choices to destinations worldwide.

Gulfstream G550 Cost & Utilization Trends*

In Operation 593   Number of Flights 34,770
For Sale 45   Average Distance 1,016 (nm)
Leased 99   Total Distance 35,350,057 (nm)
Asking Price $12M - $35M   Average Flight Time 2.5 (hrs)
Manufacturer Year 2004 to 2019   Total Flight Time 87,834.9 (hrs)
Block Speed Statute Miles/Hour 521   Cost/Hour $7,209
Total Cost Per Statute Mile $9.86   Cost/Statute Mile $13.84


*Data as of August 2020. Based on flight activity of 99% of in-operation aircraft from 8/19 — 8/20



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Featured Image Sourced from Gulfstream.com http://gulfstream.com/