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The Challenger 604

Here’s interesting history. The original name for the Challenger was Learstar, another of Bill Lear’s fantastic designs. Challenger 604 deliveries began in 1995 and only grew in popularity until 2006. As the replacement for the 601, the Challenger 604 jet brought increased speed, elegance, and style to a workhorse airframe. The pilot-friendly avionics suite with dual Collins Pro Line 400 all-digital interface, nav, and radios continues the glass cockpit sensibility of the 601-3A, but upgraded twin GE CF34-B engines give greater power and longer range compared with the earlier designs. 

Variations of this long-lasting model are still used today in military, business, and private travel around the globe. Whether you’re hopping coasts or traveling to an international destination, the Challenger 604 jet can get you to your destination quickly—and in quiet comfort. 

Performance to Match an Airliner

At launch, the 604 model was already a tremendous upgrade over the design of the 601, and progressive updates to machinery and components over the course of its production life only improved it further.  It boasts an entirely new undercarriage, stronger engines, a larger fuel supply, and other structural advancements on the wings and tail. 

The intercontinental Challenger 604 range (4,024 nm) and max cruise speed of 541 mph (Mach 0.82) ensure that this aircraft is not only suited for nearly any mission, but a match for the performance of all but the most sophisticated modern airliners. The new swept design of the T-tail and horizontal stabilizer do wonders for the aerodynamic efficiency of this super-midsize jet that competes well in the heavy jet class. For a jet of its size, the 604 somehow manages to use just 289 gallons per hour (GPH).

Quiet Coast-to-Coast Flights

Up to sixteen passengers will enjoy a variety of seating arrangements from a double-club setup to forward or half club, or a divan configuration, all with a sizable enclosed lavatory and a deluxe galley for convenient in-flight dining (typical arrangements seat 10-12 comfortably). The highlight of the Challenger 604 interior, however, has got to be the passive noise insulation system—among the best available in private charter jets—which provides an extremely quiet and relaxing flight.

Unmatched Comfort

Passengers will also appreciate the over six feet of standing room and 1,150 cubic feet of space in the large, walk-about cabin. During its production run, Bombardier frequently remarked that the 604 offered “the widest cabin of any true business jet available” at 8’03”.  The superior flight experience provided by a Challenger 604 jet continues to make it a popular choice for both business and leisure today.

Legendary Reliability

The Bombardier Challenger 604 was among the very first business jets to feature a super-critical wing, a major contributor to its outstanding fuel efficiency on uninterrupted point-to-point flights. Passengers can rely on the generous luggage capacity to handily transport suitcases and recreational equipment (skis, golf clubs, etc.) on long trips between the 30 countries where the 604 is certified for civil operation.

Few private charter jets enjoy such an outstanding track record of reliability and proven value. If you make frequent coast-to-coast or transoceanic flights, this sturdy aircraft will get the job done at a price point that is comparable to a midsize jet, with the size and luxury of a heavier airframe. There’s no wonder the dependable Challenger 604 jet remains one of the best-selling charter aircraft in its class, more than a decade after the last one rolled off the assembly line. Well-suited to a rigorous cross-country travel schedule, its engines are enhanced over previous models with international range. 

Challenger 604 Market Trends

In Operation 351   Number of Flights 23,333
For Sale 25   Average Distance 752 (nm)
Leased 25   Total Distance
17,553,361 (nm)
Asking Price $3.5M to $5M   Average Flight Time
2.0 (hrs)
Manufacturer Year 1996 to 2006   Total Flight Time
46,574.1 (hrs)
Block Speed Statute Miles/Hour 497   Cost/Hour $7,087
Total Cost Per Statute Mile $8.55   Cost/Statute Mile $14.24

*Data as of January 2021. Based on flight activity within the last 365 days.



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