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The Learjet 60 & 60XR

Bombardier Aerospace designed the Learjet 60 to be a quick-climbing midsize jet that cruises at high levels and fast speeds. Even with a slightly shorter cabin than the Learjet 75, the 60 features better headroom and more total passenger space. Passengers will also appreciate the longer range—partially a result of aerodynamic improvements over the predecessor Learjet 55 model. The Learjet 60XR is a worthy 2013 refresh with improved electronics, a longer fuselage, more powerful turbofan engines, and the largest of all Learjet cabins.

Aerodynamic Excellence

The last of the legacy Learjets, the 60 is the final airframe to use a variation of the Bill Lear-designed wing that was adapted originally from Swiss military aircraft. The midsize jet has been noted for one of the top time-to-climb rates in the midsize category (41,000 feet in 18.5 minutes at max weight) and great aerodynamic stability, enabled by two ventral “delta” fins and an improved “ogive” winglet trailing edge. These design advancements substantially lowered drag and enhanced wing efficiency over the predecessor “Longhorn” version of the wing, resulting in the longest range of all Learjets.

Cabin Comfort

The Learjet 60 stretched the fuselage of the predecessor Learjet 55 by 43 inches, including an 18-inch expansion of the cabin and extra legroom for passengers. It’s got the largest cabin of all Learjets. The 5.7 feet of headroom in the trenched center aisle is quite comfortable for a jet of this size.

The Learjet 60XR

Learjet 60 and Learjet 60XR interior layouts can vary, but the standard cabin offers five executive slide/swivel chairs as well as a side-facing divan for two opposite of the entry door.

The Learjet 60XR made cabin improvements but retained the same fuselage. LED lighting and upgraded insulation enhanced the atmosphere and reduced noise from the entry door.

Quick, Direct Charters

Up to eight passengers can enjoy fast, direct charter flights with a generous 2,658-mile range on this efficient midsize jet. With a maximum speed of 526 MPH (and an average cruise velocity of 501 MPH), you’re sure to reach your destination on a sharp schedule. The powerful climbing performance and luxurious cabin with entertainment options will ensure that you’re high in the sky before you know it and enjoying your corporate or leisure travel experience.

Learjet 60 & Learjet 60XR Cost & Utilization Trends*

In Operation 385   Number of Flights 42,027
For Sale 29   Average Distance 561 (nm)
Leased 18   Total Distance 23,528,900 (nm)
Asking Price $0.6M - $3.7M   Average Flight Time 1.6 (hrs)
Manufacturer Year 1992 to 2013   Total Flight Time 66,169.9 (hrs)
Block Speed Statute Miles/Hour 497   Cost/Hour $4,373
Total Cost Per Statute Mile $5.47   Cost/Statute Mile $7.70


*Data as of June 2021. Based on flight activity of in-operation aircraft



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